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For many years, Carter and Holmes Orchids has been the premier source for orchids of every variety. We invite you to search our on line catalog for your orchid and supply needs and to visit our extensive orchid care section.

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Introducing our Spring 2016 Catalog!

Welcome to our New Spring 2016 eCatalog!

Please take time to browse the wide variety of virus free orchids and unusual houseplants inside. We are excited about the new offerings and about the featured old favorites!

Before they are posted to our website, advance copies of our digital catalogs go out to over 13,000 customers who have signed up for our weekly email updates. Subscribers to our email updates also get discounts of 10% or more on most of the orchids that they purchase as well as special offers for orchids coming into bloom, for orchids too limited to be advertised any other way, and for discounted collections.

If you haven’t already signed up, please sign up now! We appreciate you! You can order with confidence because we have been selling quality plants since 1947, and because we guarantee safe delivery and your satisfaction.

Start shopping now!

Download our new Spring 2016 Catalog

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Shop our Christmas 2015 Catalog -- Monday, November 16 2015

Shop our Christmas 2015 Catalog Many items are still available but only for a limited time.
Download 2015 Holiday Catalog

Welcome to our New Fall 2015 Catalog! -- Thursday, October 1 2015
Inside you will find many new crosses and clones as well as customer favorites in a variety of genera, all healthy and virus free.

Our last printed catalog was our 2015 Spring Catalog. Digital copies of our 2015 Summer Catalog have been available through our twice weekly email updates and on our website.

So far, over 13,800 customers have signed up on our website for our twice weekly email updates which include advance copies of our catalogs, items too limited to be offered in catalogs, orchids in spike or in bud, discounted collections, divisions from our breeding stock, and invitations to open houses, workshops and other events at Carter & Holmes. Don’t miss out, sign up now!

Each year we give away $50 gift certificates to local orchid societies in exchange for updated copies of their membership rosters that include email addresses. We only add these to our email list. We do not and will not ever share them with other companies. The gift certificates can be distributed to individuals through auctions, raffles, or as door prizes and used for purchases of plants at our regular prices.

Thank you for your orders and for your visits. Your purchases allow us to make a living for our families doing something we love. As always, we guarantee your satisfaction, and, for shipped orders, we guarantee safe delivery to addresses where someone will be available to accept delivery.

Download our Fall 2015 Catalog

Summer 2015 Catalog Ready to Download -- Tuesday, April 21 2015
Our Summer 2015 Catalog is the latest version from Carter and Holmes, and lists the currently available selections of orchids, houseplants, supplies and more.

Take advantage of this digital version and get your order in while supplies last!

Page through this digital version just like you would the traditional paper catalog.

Every page includes healthy virus free plants!

Most items are linked to our website shopping cart, so just click the description or associated photo to view it online and place your order.

You can order with confidence because we have been selling quality plants since 1947, and because we guarantee safe delivery and your satisfaction.

Download our Summer 2015 Catalog.

Spring 2015 Catalog is here! -- Tuesday, February 10 2015
Inside you will find new Cattleyas, new Paphiopedilums, new Phalaenopsis, and collections of rare and limited items. We are pleased to offer our newest exclusive cattleya mericlone, Blc Owen Holmes ‘Fire Cup’ (pg. 5), and we are especially pleased to again offer true mericlones of Blc Oconee ‘Mendenhall’, AM/AOS (pg. 5), tissued from the original awarded plant. We offer sixteen different ladyslippers (pg. 16) and as many different phalaenopsis (pg. 18), as well as a variety of unusual foliage plants ideal for terrariums (pg. 10). Our new Laelia purpurata collection (pg. 3) and our new Phalaenopsis violaecea collection will sell out for sure.

As always, we guarantee all of our orchids to be true to name, healthy and virus free, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Thank you so much for your orders. We appreciate you, our valued customers.

Download our Spring 2015 Catalog

(If you experience problems viewing this catalog in your browser, please open it directly in Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

About Us

Bill Carter and Owen Holmes began selling orchids as cut flowers in the years following World War II when corsage flowers were in great demand for Valentine's Day, Easter, and Mother's Day. As lifestyles became less formal in the 1960's and the demand for cut flowers decreased, we began producing orchids for home growing.

We started hybridizing orchids in the 1950's and developed our own modern laboratory for seed and tissue culture in the 1970's. Our hybridizing program has resulted in worldwide recognition for Carter & Holmes as a source for outstanding orchids - in particular, art-shade cattleyas. Today, we ship orchid plants of many genera to hobbyists and commercial growers throughout the United States and to many countries around the world.

If you have received an award on one of our plants, please let us know about it.

We welcome visitors to our 18 greenhouses Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you cannot visit us in person, we hope you will telephone, write or e-mail your questions about our orchids, pricing or other matters.

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