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Brassavola nodosa  *Mounted

Brassavola nodosa *Mounted

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Brassavola nodosa

The famous Lady of the Night Orchid

This amazing species is perfect for beginner and advanced collectors alike.  Almost almost indestructible and very warmth tolerant.  Brassavola nodosa can bloom pretty much any time of year but mid summer to fall are the highlight of the growing season.  Blooms have creamy green petals and heartshaped white lips.  Each stem can hold several blooms and as plants gain in maturity, you can expect quite a show!  The nickname comes from the fact that this extremely fragrant species can only be fully enjoyed at night.  

Growing Suggestions:  This species must be grown in very well draining media, or preferably in baskets or on mounts.  Foliage is terete, and very succulent with multiple growths easily appearing in a season.  Even in small containers the mix must be very open and coarse to allow lots of air flow around the roots. Because of the fast draining media, plants require additional watering year round.  If growing in baskets or on mounts be prepared for daily summertime watering.   Bright, indirect light is needed for best growth and flower production.  Not suitable for low to medium light conditions.  

Offered here are Near Blooming Size plants growing on cedar wood mounts. These seedlings are expected to flower for the first time within 12-18 months.