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*FLASK* 10578 Laelia purpurata semi-alba x sibling

*FLASK* 10578 Laelia purpurata semi-alba x sibling

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Laelia purpurata semi-alba (8730) 'Uzar #2' x Laelia purpurata semi-alba (8730)  'Uzar #1'

(Pod parent shown in photo)

This Brazilian species is considered the 'Queen of the Laelias'. Once you enjoy the elegant show-stopping displays of spring time flowers you will agree!

These seedlings will have white blooms with bold red-purple lip coloring.  Extremely fragrant and strong growers.

 Recommended for greenhouse or shade-house culture since they will need plenty of warm, bright light to mature.


We are offering a flask very ready to be planted into community pots now. Yield will be approximately 12-15 plants per bottle.


 A Reminder: Orchids in this category are NOT in pots, or anywhere near flowering size.  These are for commercial or hobby growers that have the time and patience to start babies from this earliest phase.