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Begonia 'U484'  *New Species*
Begonia 'U484'  *New Species*

Begonia 'U484' *New Species*

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Begonia 'U484'

This un-named as yet species has been recently discovered and imported from Thailand in 2005.  Easy to grow and very rewarding tropical variety. Leaves are light green overlaid with silvery marks.  As the plant matures, or is grown in brighter light a rosy glow appears on the foliage.  Blooms are bright pink, held above the foliage in spring and summer months.  Not easy to find and a great collectors choice.  Suitable for shady tropical gardens, or indoors. 

Plant offered is growing well in a 4" round pot and was started from a leaf cutting. You will receive one similar to the one shown in photo.  Second photo shows the mother plant with mature foliage.