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Codoanthe devosiana  *Terrarium Plant*
Codoanthe devosiana  *Terrarium Plant*

Codoanthe devosiana *Terrarium Plant*

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Codoanthe devosiana

Codoanthe is classed within the African Violet family of gesneriads.  This species is a true miniature with trailing stems of shiny green leaves and tiny white & pink blooms. Can be used in terrariums, fairy gardens, small mixed planters or simply left in its own container to make a stunning specimen.

Care Suggestions: Allow media to dry between watering and fertilize lightly once or twice per month. Bright indirect light and good humidity. Generally prefers minimum temperatures of 60° as colder temps can cause leaf problems. Stems will cling to wooden structures or mounts if given the chance, since this is actually an epiphytic species.

We are offering plants growing in 2.5" pots, with runners at least 6"-8" long.