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Dendrochilum formosanum *Golden Chain Orchid*

Dendrochilum formosanum *Golden Chain Orchid*

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Dendrochilum formosanum

An exciting miniature species from Taiwan and the Philippines. Known as one of the 'Golden Chain Orchids' tiny and delicate golden-green blooms covered semi-pendant stems that grow from the center of the new growths. Dendrochilum formosanum has thin, soft foliage growing from small, round pseudobulbs. Plants grow in clumps of bulbs and should remain so until they mature. (Do not divide when young). We have found Dendrochilums like this make great companions for many intermediate growing Pleurothallids, Draculas and some Coelogynes.

Growing Suggestions: Plants of Dendrochilum formosanum should be grown in moderate or medium light levels to avoid burning the thin foliage. Always keep active air-flow around the plant as this will cool the foliage, and prevent leaf spotting. Repotting should only be done as needed, but keeping in mind this species needs snug containers. Use a free-draining media appropriate for frequent waterings. Growing in hanging baskets can help with both of these issues while adding airflow. Plants grow quickly but rarely reach more than 8"-10" in height when mature. You will usually see multiple new leads each growing season.

We are offering Blooming Size plants growing in 4" pots. Plants are expected to flower in the coming 6-12 months, in season.

(Photo shows what a mature plant will look like)