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Lycaste Little Kitty x sibling

Lycaste Little Kitty x sibling

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Lycaste Little Kitty ‘#1’  x Lycaste Little Kitty ‘#2’

   (Lycaste Little Kitty = Lemon Twist x Kitty Crocker)


Brand new offering made using a sold out cross!  Greg Uzar made this gorgeous sib cross using two select and very floriferous seedlings.  Compact growing plants will have stunning displays of green blooms with rose bronzing.   Beautiful, lush foliage appears each spring and then is discarded by the plant during the winter months.'

Growing Suggestions: Like most Lycaste we suggest growing this in a combination of cool dry winters and wet summers. Plants will do best in intermediate temperatures, with highs in the 80's.  Foliage is thin, pleated and deciduous which means once a year all the older leaves will drop off.  Repotting should only be done when new growth and roots are evident.  Well draining, moisture retentive media and snug containers are best.


We have our first crop of these happily growing in 2.5" pots.  They are planted in a seedling media with expanded shale added.  We expect first blooms in about 12-18 months.