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Trichocentrum stramineum x self *Flask*

Trichocentrum stramineum x self *Flask*

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Trichocentrum stramineum x self

(parent pictured)

This rarely seen miniature species is considered one of the 'mule-eared' Oncidiums for its thick, fleshy foliage.  Short bunches of flat, pointed leaves emerge from the crown of the plant. Sprays of tiny cream colored blooms emerge in springtime, making for a lovely show.

Growing Suggestions for Mature Plants: We have found this species will flower best in medium to bright light, which can produce red blushing on the foliage. Plants grown in more shade will have greener foliage but less blooms or will skip a season. Cooler summer temperatures combined with medium to bright light would be best. Grow in well draining media, as plants like to be watered frequently but hate soggy roots. Good airflow is a must.

We are offering flasks ready to be planted into community pots now. Yield will be approximately 15 plants per bottle. These are offered for a very limited time since we are almost ready to send these to the greenhouse ourselves.



Unless otherwise stated, please understand that bloom photos show mature sized plants not what those offered currently look like.