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Bc. Gulfshore's Beauty 'Green Gem'  *Limited Clone*

Bc. Gulfshore's Beauty 'Green Gem' *Limited Clone*

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Bc. Gulfshore's Beauty 'Green Gem' 

(B. nodosa x C. dormaniana)

This cross is also known as Bc. Carnival Kids but this is the officially recognized name.


This is an early taste of a new mericlone offering. The perfect combination of compact foliage and vibrant blooms on easy to grow plants.  Bold green and purple blooms appear in the late summer and early fall.  Easily grown into an impressive specimen.

Growing Suggestions- This is a Cattleya alliance hybrid and should be grown accordingly.  Bright, indirect light is best for flowers. Can tolerate a range of temperatures though 65°-85° is suggested. Do not keep media wet, but instead allow the roots to dry between waterings. Can eventually be grown in a basket with coarse draining media.


Plants offered are growing in 2.5" pots.  These are expected to be flowering size in 1 to 2 year or less. 


These beautiful plants were provided by our friends at a wholesale orchid nursery in Hawaii. Because we did not raise them in our greenhouses, we can not guarantee them to be virus free as we would our own lab grown material. Otherwise, we guarantee your satisfaction and safe delivery as with other plant purchases.