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Brassavola digbyana

Brassavola digbyana

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Brassavola digbyana 

This famous and extremely fragrant species is native to warm regions ranging from Mexico down through Central America. Large, deeply fringed blooms have a waxy substance and intense green coloring.

A warm growing species native to regions of Mexico and regions further south. As plants mature plenty of very bright direct is needed, though too much will cause red and desiccated foliage tips. Grow in fast draining media that does not need to be replaced often as the needed frequent waterings cause media to decompose rapidly. An excellent candidate for mount or basket culture under the right conditions.

Plants available in 3" pots. (These were repotted in Spring 2021 and are doing well)

 Unless otherwise stated, please understand that bloom photos show mature sized plants not what those offered currently look like.


SKU BrassDig/30
Pot Size 3" pot
Alliance Cattleya
Limited Edition No
Plant type Species
Bloom Color Green
Expected First Flowering These plants will be flowering size in approximately 2 years
Fragrant? Extremely Fragrant
Light Requirements Bright, Indirect Light
Size Expected at Maturity Standard- Large growth habit, at least 15”-18” tall, excluding flowers
Blooming Season Summer
Suitable for Windowsill or Under Artificial Lights No
Temperature Requirements. (Based on Carter & Holmes Orchids recommendations for plant growth) Warm Grower- This plant prefers warm temperatures of 65 degrees or above year round. Which means it prefers warm winters and can tolerate hot summers.
Export Status This item is approved for CITES export outside the continental United States including Hawaii, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands