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Begonia heracleifolia var. nigricans 'Black Magic'
Begonia heracleifolia 'Black Magic'

Begonia heracleifolia var. nigricans 'Black Magic'

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*Temporarily Sold Out- New Crop Ready in Spring**

Begonia heracleifolia var. nigricans 'Black Magic'

This impressive species is the largest growing Begonia we have ever offered. Richly colored palmate foliage that are nearly black with dark green mid-vein coloring.

Each mature leaf can easily reach over ten inches across.  In the spring, tall elegant stems of pale pink blooms tower above the foliage. The perfect centerpiece for any collection. 

Care Suggestions: Allow media to dry between watering and fertilize lightly once or twice per month. Bright indirect light. Generally prefers minimum temperatures of 60° as colder temps can cause leaf problems.

We are offering plants grown from rhizome cuttings that are already a good size in 4" pots.  (Rhizome cuttings of this species start faster than leaf cuttings)