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Encyclia polybulbon- Divisions
Encyclia polybulbon- Divisions

Encyclia polybulbon- Divisions

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Encyclia polybulbon

syn. Dinema polybulbon


A customer favorite! Tiny yet mighty with a sprawling carpet-like growth habit and minute blooms.  Star shaped blooms with amber and chocolate coloring. We have seen huge, impressive specimens of this species grown for orchid shows. 

Growing Suggestions:  This species is fairly tolerant of a wide range in conditions, though we suggest keeping in medium light levels to avoid burning foliage. The brighter the light levels, the more flowers you will enjoy each spring.   Can be grown in small pots, shallow baskets, on mounts or you might discover a more creative way to grow it.


We are offering a number of blooming size divisions from our collection plant,with 2 or more leads per plant.  Established in 2.5" clay pots with sphagnum moss. 

Picture of plants shows the actual divisions being offered.