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Blc. Waianae King 'Kosaki'  x Blc. Waianae King 'Orchidheights' AM/AOS *Bare-Root*

Blc. Waianae King 'Kosaki' x Blc. Waianae King 'Orchidheights' AM/AOS *Bare-Root*

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Blc. Waianae King 'Kosaki' x Blc. Waianae King 'Orchidheights' AM/AOS

This sib cross was extremely popular the first time is was offered.  We have remade it here with the same parents.  Tidy growing, standard sized growers with dark green foliage.  Bloom colors with range from golden to bright orange and tangerine.  Very fragrant. 

 We are potting up a number of these trays right now so now is the time to share!

For a very limited time, we will send you a bundle of Five bare root seedlings for one special price. Seedlings are ready to be potted in to 2"-3" containers.

(No further discounts apply)