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Cymbidium dayanum album
Cymbidium dayanum album

Cymbidium dayanum album

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Cymbidium dayanum album 'Lady Elizabeth' CHM/AOS x self

We have found that the seedlings of this award winning parent are fast growers and thrive in lower light levels than most Cymbidiums, though brighter conditions will increase bud count.

Pendant stems of cream and faintly green flowers. As plants mature, multiple bloom stems are expected each year giving this excellent specimen potential. Thin, grassy foliage that likes lots of airflow to prevent spotting. Great for hanging pots or baskets.

Plants being offered were moved into 6" pots last summer and have done very nicely.  Expected to bloom well later this coming summer.  


SKU 9233/60
Pot Size 6" pot
Alliance Cymbidium
Limited Edition No
Plant type Species
Bloom Color White, Green
Expected First Flowering These plants should flower in the next 12 months, in season
Fragrant? Not Fragrant
Light Requirements Bright, Indirect Light
Size Expected at Maturity Standard- Large growth habit, at least 15”-18” tall, excluding flowers
Blooming Season Summer, Fall
Suitable for Windowsill or Under Artificial Lights No
Temperature Requirements. (Based on Carter & Holmes Orchids recommendations for plant growth) Intermediate/Warm Grower- This plant can tolerate a range of temperatures from 55-90 degrees with adequate humidity and airflow.