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Dendrochilum glumaceum 'Freel's'  *Divisions*
Dendrochilum glumaceum 'Freel's'  *Divisions*

Dendrochilum glumaceum 'Freel's' *Divisions*

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Dendrochilum glumaceum 'Freel's'

Our parent plan originated with Bill Freel's collection and we have had it for over 30 years.  This species is native to Borneo and Philippines, usually at higher altitudes. Late in the summer new growths will start to show and bloom stems will emerge from the unfinished growths.  Stems of fragrant, cream colored blooms will cover the plants in September and into the fall.   Flower stems emerge as the new growths are produced with leaves to follow flowering. 

Growing Suggestions Dendrochilum glumaceum prefers intermediate temperatures (60°-80°) but can tolerate spells of warmer weather with adequate airflow. Give plants medium to bright indirect light but remember that foliage can burn easily. As with most Dendrochilums this species likes to have a constant source of moisture around its feet at all times.  We encourage growers to use a well-draining yet moisture retentive media such as fine fir bark or sphagnum moss blends.  

Offered here are blooming size divisions of our collection plant, which went through a massive and much overdo repotting last summer.  Plants are growing in 4" pots with a fine fir bark media.