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Bc. Mount Hood ‘Mary’ AM/AOS

Bc. Mount Hood ‘Mary’ AM/AOS

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Bc. Mount Hood 'Mary' AM/AOS

This large, robust grower has sparkling white flowers that can reach ten inches across. The icy green throat coloring is sometimes paired with a faint purple lipstick marking on warm weather blooms.

We have a very limited quantity of plants growing in 3.5" pots. These are expected to reach flowering size within 2 years.


SKU 7848M/35
Pot Size 3.5" pot
Alliance Cattleya
Limited Edition Limited Edition- means we have very few plants and expect to sell out very quickly
Plant type Mericlone
Bloom Color Cream/Pink, White
Expected First Flowering These plants are expected to be flowering size 2 years
Fragrant? Extremely Fragrant
Light Requirements Bright, Indirect Light
Size Expected at Maturity Super Sized- This selection grows more than 24" tall, and may need up to a 10" container size when mature
Blooming Season Winter, Various
Suitable for Windowsill or Under Artificial Lights No
Temperature Requirements. (Based on Carter & Holmes Orchids recommendations for plant growth) Intermediate/Warm Grower- This plant can tolerate a range of temperatures from 55-90 degrees with adequate humidity and airflow.
Export Status This item is approved for CITES export outside the continental United States including Hawaii, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands