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Billbergia 'Hallelujah
Billbergia 'Hallelujah
Billbergia 'Hallelujah

Billbergia 'Hallelujah

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Billbergia 'Hallelujah'


Unusual variety of this Bromeliad relative. Vase shaped foliage shows various shades of pink, purple and red with white spotting.  Brighter light increases the contrast of coloring vs white spotting.  Mature plants will be approximately 20"-24" tall.  This is an amazing plant to accompany your orchid collection!  Bloom stems emerge from the center of mature growths and hold flowers in shades of white, pink and periwinkle blue.  Plants will produce additional growths, or 'pups' as they age.

Growing Suggestions:  These grow best in bright to very bright indirect light, rather similar to most standard cattleyas, cymbidiums and vandas.  We have grown these in a range of temperatures from 55°-90° and they acclimate well.  Only light applications of fertilizer are needed as excessive amounts of nitrogen with reduce the vibrant foliage color.   Plants prefer to be root bound before repotting and should be watered only when top of the soil is dry.

Gorgeous, husky plants in 3.5" pots, that are ready to be moved into larger containers this summer.  

Too Big to Ship but plenty available at the nursery!