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Blc. Newberry Orange Crush 'Contrast'
Blc. Newberry Orange Crush 'Contrast'

Blc. Newberry Orange Crush 'Contrast'

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Blc. Newberry Orange Crush ‘Contrast’

(Blc. Bouton D'Or x Blc. Kure Beach)

A Carter and Holmes original.  Clusters of bright orange blooms with lighter petal flaring visible.  Flares become more evident as the blooms age.  Dark green, semi-bifoliate grower that multiplies quickly into specimens but always stays on the short side.  The fragrance is reminiscent of a southern favorite, the sweet olive bush, a delicious perfume that is like no other.  Dependable wintertime bloomer. 

Plant offered here is a near blooming size mericlone growing in a 3.5" pot. 

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