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Bl. Yellow Bird
Brassolaelia Yellow Bird  *Compots*
Brassavola nodosa
Bl. Richard Mueller
Brassolaelia Yellow Bird  *Compots*
Brassolaelia Yellow Bird  *Compots*

Brassolaelia Yellow Bird *Compots*

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 Brassolaelia Yellow Bird

(Bl. Richard Mueller 'Newberry' x Brassavola nodosa 'Susan Fuchs')  (Both parent photos shown as well as expected flowers)


Great novelty hybrid! Terete(pencil-like) foliage will have showers of delicate yellow blooms with darker red spotting. Perfect for warm climates and an excellent choice for basket or mount culture. Summer blooming season but sometimes free flowering.

We have multiple compots available with approximately 24 plants in each.

**Plants in compots can be left to continue growing as is, or can be sub-divided into individual pots. Plants are approximately 3-4 years from first flowering, depending on conditions.** 

Compot Pricing is NET and no further discounts or promo codes apply.