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Cattleya amethystoglossa  *Species Cattleya*
Cattleya amethystoglossa  *Species Cattleya*

Cattleya amethystoglossa *Species Cattleya*

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Cattleya amethystoglossa

This unusual and extremely showy species hails from select regions of Brazil. Plants are normally found in very brightly lit situations, where air flow is plentiful and humidity is high. Tall growing pseudobulbs can reach three feet tall on mature specimen plants.  Large clusters of waxy pink blooms heavily freckled with lavender purple spots. Plants are expected to be flowering size in 2 to 3 years.

We are offering seedlings growing in 3" mesh baskets and chunky tree fern media.  We have found that this species does not take well to over watering, especially during the winter months and should never be put into overly large containers.  Our suggestion for these seedlings is to mist heavily 3 to 4 times per week during the winter, and daily during the warmer summer months. Roots should be allowed to dry in a short period of time.  Bifoliate Cattleyas should never be repotted unless in active growth with new roots showing.


The plant pictured is the one you are bidding on.  The flower photo shows an example of what these will look like in flower.

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