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Cattleya harrisoniae 'Homestead' x Cattleya harrisoniae

Cattleya harrisoniae 'Homestead' x Cattleya harrisoniae

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Cattleya harrisoniae 'Homestead' x Cattleya harrisoniae

This stunning species originates in Southeastern Brazil and is a lover of warm, bright conditions. Tall, upright stems of bold heliotrope colored blooms in the middle of summer. Cattleya loddigesii and harrisoniana often have cases of mistaken identity, but this new grex is true and will flower similar to the photo shown.

Best suited for shadehouses, lathehouses, greenhouses and other well-lit growing environments. As this species prefers a bit of a dry spell over the winter months, this should be grown in a very well draining media that can dry out, or in hanging baskets with coarse media for the roots to cling to. If grown too damp in the off-season roots will decline rapidly.

We are offering well established plants in 3” mesh baskets, that are already showing growth for this spring. Plants are expected to reach flowering size in 2 years or less.

Unless otherwise stated, please understand that bloom photos show mature sized plants not what those offered currently look like.

SKU 10198/30
Pot Size 3" mesh basket
Alliance Cattleya
Limited Edition No
Plant type Species
Bloom Color Lavender
Expected First Flowering These plants are expected to be flowering size 2 years or less
Fragrant? Not Fragrant
Light Requirements Very Bright Light, Some Direct Morning Sun Tolerated
Size Expected at Maturity Standard- Large growth habit, at least 15”-18” tall, excluding flowers
Blooming Season Summer
Suitable for Windowsill or Under Artificial Lights No
Temperature Requirements. (Based on Carter & Holmes Orchids recommendations for plant growth) Intermediate/Warm Grower- This plant can tolerate a range of temperatures from 55-90 degrees with adequate humidity and airflow.
Export Status This item is approved for CITES export outside the continental United States including Hawaii, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands