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**BARE-ROOT SPECIAL** Cattleya harrisoniae

**BARE-ROOT SPECIAL** Cattleya harrisoniae

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Cattleya harrisoniae 'Homestead' x Cattleya harrisoniae

This stunning species originates in Southeastern Brazil and is a lover of warm, bright conditions. Tall, upright stems of bold heliotrope colored blooms in the middle of summer. Cattleya loddigesii and harrisoniana often have cases of mistaken identity, but this new grex is true and will flower similar to the photo shown.  This crop is seed grown and some variation of color or form should be expected. 

Best suited for shadehouses, lathehouses, greenhouses and other well-lit growing environments. As this species prefers a bit of a dry spell over the winter months, this should be grown in a very well draining media that can dry out, or in hanging baskets with coarse media for the roots to cling to. If grown too damp in the off-season roots will decline rapidly.


We have Near Flowering Size plants available at special prices while supplies last.  Plants are currently bare root and awaiting new containers, either pots or baskets: The Choice is Yours!