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Dyakia hendersoniana *Miniature*

Dyakia hendersoniana *Miniature*

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Dyakia hendersoniana

We can't say enough good things about this adorable miniature with the flamingo pink blooms! Once considered an Ascocentrum, this Vanda alliance species is relatively easy to care for. Great for growing indoors, and under artificial lights where space is an issue. Did we mention this species is very miniature?  Mature plants are only about 3"-4" tall, excluding bloom spikes. 

Growing Suggestions- Low to medium light, similar to Phalaenopsis conditions are best. Very bright light can cause dehydrated and stressed foliage. Even plants grown in pots have unruly aerial roots which means high humidity is a plus, in addition to regular watering. Plants can be grown in pots with bark or sphagnum moss. Always provide good air movement (like all orchids) so humidity will not cause bacterial spotting of the leaves.

We are offering a crop of Near Blooming Size plants in 2.5" pots. These are expected to bloom for the first time in the coming 12-18 months.


These beautiful plants were provided by our friends at a wholesale orchid nursery in Hawaii. Because we did not raise them in our greenhouses, we can not guarantee them to be virus free as we would our own lab grown material. Otherwise, we guarantee your satisfaction and safe delivery as with other plant purchases.