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Monstera deliciosa variegated (Plant 103)

Monstera deliciosa variegated (Plant 103)

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Monstera deliciosa variegated (Plant 103)

This amazing plant has become very popular for collections in recent years. We have had our specimen for a long time but it is slow to produce cuttings for sale. Also know as a Swiss Cheese plant or Mexican Breadfruit. Foliage is very unique with the ratio of green to white on each leaf varying

Plants are tropical and should be grown in temperatures no lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent rot and foliage damage. We water them just as the media becomes dry on top. This is a large growing species that needs lots of room to climb and send down aerial roots. It will also need a trellis, or structure to support the runners as they grow. Do not over feed, they don't require much fertilizer to do well. Indoors, we suggest bright, indirect light similar to orchids. If growing outdoors, or in a greenhouse partial shade is a must to prevent leaf burn.

The plant shown in the photos is the exact item you are bidding on.  This cutting is rooted and established in a 6" standard pot. 

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