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Neostylis Baby Angel  *Miniature*

Neostylis Baby Angel *Miniature*

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Neostylis Baby Angel

(Neostylis Lou Sneary x Neofinetia falcata)

These miniature seedlings will be as charming as their name implies. Flowers will be white with pink or blue-lavender shading on small growing plants. Delicately scented with a sweet floral fragrance. Great for windowsills or under artificial lights.

Growing Suggestions: Best suited for intermediate to warm conditions like most members of the Vanda alliance. Plants will reach approximately 10-12 inches across when mature, and have multiple growths or 'fans' per plant. If growing these in pots, always use a well-draining open media These can also be grown in small mesh baskets as they will have long aerial roots. High humidity with frequent mistings is needed, and plants should be fertilized every third or fourth watering year round.

We have a small batch of these plants happily growing in 2.5" pots. Plants are expected to flower for the first time within 6-12 months.

These beautiful plants were provided by our friends at a wholesale orchid nursery in Hawaii. Because we did not raise them in our greenhouses, we can not guarantee them to be virus free as we would our own lab grown material. Otherwise, we guarantee your satisfaction and safe delivery as with other plant purchases.