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New Zealand Tree Fern Product - 10 Liter bag

New Zealand Tree Fern Product - 10 Liter bag

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New Zealand Tree Fern Product - 10 Liter bag

by Fernwood


Fernwood tropical substrate is made from the stem of the kuripaka, a native New Zealand tree fern. It is harvested under strict New Zealand government control designed to ensure the sustainability of the kuripaka for generations to come. Fernwood substrate is unique compared to others in that it has the ability to hold moisture without becoming waterlogged, it is slow to compost, it's smell and texture encourage natural burrowing behavior and it is an excellent growing media for live plants especially orchids.

Carter and Holmes Orchids has been running trials with this new product over the past growing season and are very encouraged by our results.  So far we have been please with results on mini-catts, Chysis and Psychopsis papillio. The material is very easy and clean to work with, and has  the added bonus of draining well.  With appropriate pre-dampening, it is very hard to over-pack into your growing container, which allows for good airflow in the pot, while maintaining humidity near the roots. 

For More behind the scenes images of our progress check out our Facebook photo album.

We are currently offering 10 liter bags  (9.1 US quart), of this ready to use product.  If you are interested in large amounts please call our office and inquire about commercial size 40 liter bags.