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Oncidium cheirophorum x sib  *Blooming Size on Mounts*

Oncidium cheirophorum x sib *Blooming Size on Mounts*

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Oncidium cheirophorum x sib  (‘HOF’ x ‘Kokusai’)


A true miniature with bright yellow blooms on tiny plants.  This species is one parent of the famous Oncidium Twinkle.  Flowers generally appear in late fall to early winter, with each inflorescence holding several branched stems.

Growing Suggestions: Suggested as an intermediate to warm grower with lots of airflow. Medium to bright indirect light is best, but they should be protected from strong mid-day sun.  These are growing with sphagnum moss around the roots, and attached to wooden mounts.  At this time we are watering them as soon as the moss is dry but not 'crunchy' which averages about 3-4 times per week. 

These plants are Blooming Size (many flowered very young) and are growing on crepe myrtle wood mounts. 


SKU 10844/MT
Pot Size Wooden Mount
Alliance Oncidium
Limited Edition No
Plant type Species
Bloom Color Yellow
Expected First Flowering These plants will flower this coming winter.
Fragrant? Lightly Fragrant
Light Requirements Bright, Indirect Light
Size Expected at Maturity Miniature- Plants mature to 6" or less, excluding spikes. 
Blooming Season Fall/Winter
Suitable for Windowsill or Under Artificial Lights Yes
Temperature Requirements. (Based on Carter & Holmes Orchids recommendations for plant growth) Intermediate/Warm Grower- This plant can tolerate a range of temperatures from 55-90 degrees with adequate humidity and airflow.