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Physan 20 - Pint
Physan 20 - Pint

Physan 20 - Pint

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Broad range disinfectant, fungicide, virucide, and algaecide which effectively controls a wide variety of pathogens on hard surfaces and plants.

Its applications include: greenhouses; hard surfaces; lawn and turfgrass; seedlings and cut flowers; decorative fountains, pools and birdbaths and plants.

PHYSAN 20 is an EPA approved concentrate formulated with unique germicidal agents to provide overall protection for your plants and greenhouses.

PHYSAN 20 poses no human or environmental risk when it is used at recommended use levels and according to package instructions.


We suggest using this product:

    To sterilize potting tables and growing surfaces.  

    As a soak to disinfect used plastic pots.

    To prevent algae build-up in evaporative cooling systems.

     By adding a few drops to the soak water when deflasking seedlings. 


Pint (16 oz) bottle