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Psychopsis papilio 'Mendenhall' FCC/AOS- Plant B
Psychopsis papilio 'Mendenhall' FCC/AOS- Plant B

Psychopsis papilio 'Mendenhall' FCC/AOS- Plant B

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Psychopsis papilio 'Mendenhall' FCC/AOS


The plant that started it all. Our highest awarded butterfly orchid and also the beginning of our Psychopsis breeding that has become world famous for quality seedlings. Heavy, pointed foliage in shades of medium to olive green show darker brick red variegation. Tall ever-blooming stems produce vivid gold and russet-orange blooms.  As each bloom finishes, another bud is produced right behind it. We have seen plants in constant bloom for years at a time, though we do suggest cutting bloom stems in the fall to encourage new spring growth.

Growing Suggestion- We are growing these established in New Zealand Tree Fern fiber and they seem very happy.  Psychopsis do not like to be repotted or have their roots disturbed and we suggest leaving these in current containers as long as possible.  


Plant offered here is a Blooming Size mericlone currently growing in a 2.5" pot.


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