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Trichoglottis brachiata  var philippinense flavum ‘Dee’s’ JC/AOS

Trichoglottis brachiata var philippinense flavum ‘Dee’s’ JC/AOS

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Trichoglottis brachiata var. philippinensis flavum ‘Dee’s’ JC/AOS

Offered here are rare mericlones from this rare, awarded plant. Trichoglottis are members of the Vanda alliance, with tall slender growth habit and tight pairings of rounded leaves. The normal color form has dark wine blooms with fuschia lip coloring but this rarely seen selection has golden yellow petals with a contrasting white lip. Flowers will emerge from between the leaves in late summer and into fall. This variety received a Judges Commendation from the American Orchid Society for its unusual coloring.

Growing Suggestion: While this is a species in the Vanda alliance, it prefers light levels a bit lower than most.  Very bright light can cause yellowing or stressed foliage.  We are having good luck with these in small plastic pots with a loose moss-based media.  The plants have appreciated the additional moisture around the roots. We suggest hanging these, since as they grow a large number of aerial roots will form.

We have these growing in 2.5" plastic pots. Plants are large enough to flower in approximately 3+ years.


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