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Urea Free 20-10-20

Urea Free 20-10-20 (5 lb)

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Urea Free 20-10-20

This formulation is perfect as a great year round, all-purpose fertilizer. The non-urea source of nitrogen is the best form for orchids and many other plants to readily absorb and use. Can be used on all orchid types and also some houseplants and tropical plants.

Our growers suggest this for all orchid types, that can be used in any growing season.  We alternate use with Cal-Mag 15-5-15 and sometimes a dose of Max Acid (formerly High Nitro) 30-10-10 in the spring.  20-10-20 can also be used with an addition of Magnesium Sulfate (epsom salts) to help your plants produce stronger, greener foliage. 

Directions for use: 1 tsp per gallon of water.

(5 lb bag of dry fertilizer) This item must be shipped separately than any plant material and will be charged an extra shipping fee.