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Vanilla planifolia *CUTTING*

Vanilla planifolia *CUTTING*

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Vanilla planifolia

Vanilla planifolia is likely the most popular orchid, and many people don't even realize it IS an orchid!

We have received many requests for divisions or 'cuttings' from our very old mother plants. After going through to do a spring pruning, we are pleased to finally be able to offer a very limited number of beautiful cuttings ready to be rooted and grown out.

Divisions being offered are a mininum of 2 or 3 feet long but most are much longer than that. Vigorous, recent growth, many with active tips. All have healthy aerial roots visible making this the perfect time for repotting. We have included more information below on General Care and Conditions as well as our recommended rooting technique.


Please be aware that these are 'unrooted' cuttings and not sent in pots. We are only offering healthy, strong cuttings but rooting them in media will be up to the recipient.

Actual Cost of Shipping will Apply. These are first come basis. This item does not qualify for discounts or promo codes.