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Collection: One of a Kind Selections

Items listed here are in extremely limited supply, usually only one or two on the benches. Descriptions and photos are given to the best of our ability for each plant. And once they are gone, they're gone!

No promo codes, AOS coupons or other discounts apply to One of a Kind Items.

In some cases, plants will be on the large size, or in bulky containers and Actual Shipping costs will be added to the final purchase price. 
Please understand that while some of these Special Offerings may be listed with spikes, buds or blooms, you are purchasing plants offered for their uniqueness, to be collected and grown by serious hobbyists or advanced growers.  For this reason please do not expect us to guarantee buds and blooms of One of a Kind Items.  If for some reason spikes are damaged, plants will reflower in the future with the right care.


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