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International and Overseas Shipments 2023

International and Overseas Shipments


*Carter and Holmes will not ship orders to freight forwarders, cargo carriers or re-mailer boxes within the United States. NO EXCEPTIONS.  These orders will be canceled and money refunded * 


It is the policy of Carter and Holmes Orchids to require payment in U.S. Dollars before releasing any overseas order for shipment. A proforma invoice will be emailed upon request and plants reserved for up to 30 days, unless other arrangements are made prior. Your local authorities can advise you as to your current import requirements. If an import permit is required, we will need a copy. In most cases, we must provide a Phytosanitary Certificatedocumenation with your order.


Not all hybrids and species we sell can be exported. We will need to confirm availability before shipping. We must bare root all plants that we ship overseas including Hawaii. Please allow time for your orders to be inspected before shipment.


To our customers in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam: Only Phytosanitary Certificates are required for shipments but there is a minimum order of $50.00 worth of orchids. We charge a processing fee of $7.50 for Phytosanitary Certificates alone. Hawaiian customers must have an import permit issued by the State of Hawaii. Most orders to these places will ship Priority Mail.


Overseas and International OTHER than United States territories.

Carter and Holmes Orchids is not currently offering international and overseas orders.