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Unpacking Your Orchids


We use multiple layers of protection in order to safely ship your new plants.

 When packing your orchids we will use shredded wax paper to hold the mix in the pot.  This is taped on with masking tape.  We then wrap the plants in newspaper and tape the paper.  If there is a spike with buds or blooms, we will wrap the spike with shredded wax paper and fasten the spike to a metal or bamboo stake. Sometimes this means adding an additional longer stake to the plant for shipping, that can be removed later by you.


The wrapped plants are then wrapped again in insulating paper or bubble-wrap depending on the season in order to shield them from heat and cold, and then placed in cardboard cartons.


When you obtain your box of plants:


  1. Remove the insulated bundle from the box and lay it flat on a level surface.


  1. Snip the tape holding the insulated bundle together. Be careful, for there may be several individually wrapped plants in the bundle.  Check the insulation to make sure no plants are left in it.


  1. As you remove the newspaper from each plant, be especially careful because there may be bloom spikes to consider. If you ordered small or bare-root plants you may not know they are still in the newspaper without checking.


  1. If there is a wrapped spike, remove the shredded wax paper carefully keeping the plant on a flat surface. You may have to cut the masking tape to do so.


  1. The last step is to carefully remove the shredded wax paper from the surface of the pots.


Examine your plants for any damages and report any to us immediately.  Please keep ALL packing materials and plants until you speak to us.  And if possible send photos of any damage to  This allows us to better help you, and also to make changes for the future.  More Information Here


Only repot if the plants are out-growing their current pots and then only into the next size pot, using an acceptable orchid potting medium. Many of the orchids we ship SHOULD NOT be repotted immediately upon arrival. Reduce watering after repotting to encourage new roots. (See Bare-Root Repotting Culture Sheet)