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Black Orchid Care Sheet

Monnierara Millennium Magic 'Witchcraft' FCC/AOS


Black Orchid

One of the few true 'Black Orchids'.   This now famous clone has arching stems that can hold up to a dozen sparkling black flowers with a red flushed central column.  Texture is waxy and has a glossy sheen.  Fragrance is bright, and a bit peppery.

 Plants are deciduous, dropping their foliage in late fall with new leaves to follow in the spring.  As with most plants of this kind, some lower/older leaf drop is normal at other times when season or growing conditions change. Water and fertilize regularly during the warm growing months, but reduce water and hold food during the fall and winter when plants are dormant.  Repotting should only be done in the spring and early summer when new growth is forming and new roots are visible.  We suggest a well-draining media that also holds even moisture.  Depending on your conditions, this could be a fine grade fir bark mix, or a sphagnum moss blend.

Keep temperatures moderate (65-85 degrees) and away from warm blowing air to prevent bud blast (drop) when the plant is preparing to flower.  Good airflow should be provided at all times, to prevent spotting on the foliage.  High humidity and cold water on the leaves can cause blemishes.

Pests that may bother the foliage on your Black Orchid include scale, mealy buds and mites.  Watch closely for signs of insects and treat with correct insecticides.  Washing the leaves with soapy water can reduce the ability of bugs to take of residence on the plant.  Biting and chewing insects like thrip, slugs and roaches may be attracted to the flowers and buds.