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Collection: Flasks for Sale

Carter and Holmes Orchids is first and foremost a Cattleya Orchid nursery so the majority of our offerings will be in that alliance.  Cattleyas, Laelias, Miniature and Compact Breeding and much more. 

 FLASKS DO NOT RECEIVE DISCOUNTS- Prices listed below are Net Pricing

 Most of our flasks are glass with rubber stoppers and can have different numbers of plants depending on the genus and stage.  Occasionally we use plastic tubs to allow better access to wide leafed plants.  Please read each description carefully for more information. Availability is very limited and usually only offered for a short time. Be prepared to work on your flask as soon as it arrives since shipping can loosen media and dislodge plants. 
There will not always be items in this category as material moves quickly through our lab.
FINALS- Our term for flasks in the final lab stages.  In most cases plants are ready to be moved into compots immediately. This represents the majority of our offerings.
SPREADS- Our Term for flasks at an intermediate stage.  This means they are small but well formed plants that need to be moved on 'Finals' and allowed to get larger before moving to the greenhouse.  Great for small labs or classroom/university projects.
MOTHER FLASKS- This is the first step after planting orchid seed.  Mother flasks hold literally hundreds if not a thousand baby orchids.  These must be kept in a lab setting and moved onto other media.  Not offered often since there are so many in a bottle.
 A Reminder: Orchids in this category are NOT in pots, or anywhere near flowering size.  These are for commercial or hobby growers that have the time and patience to start babies from this earliest phase.

 11/3/23- Flasks must be shipped in temperatures 32° or above.  Please do not order if you are in a cold weather location. These are ready to be planted and can not be held.

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