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Collection: Ladyslippers

Our nursery grows two kinds of 'Ladyslipper' Orchids.  Paphiopedilums, origintating in Asia and Phragmipediums, hailing from South America. We grow both species and man-made crosses. 

The ladyslippers commonly found growing wild in the United State are called Cypripediums and are not ones we grow or sell. They are very rare, and must have special growing conditions very hard to duplicate in cultivation. If you seen them growing the woods or your backyard, we suggest enjoying them where they are since transplanting them successfully is nearly impossible. 

Please refer to individual items for time expected until first blooming. Many of our offerings are young plants that will need to be grown to flowering size.  Unless otherwise stated in the description, items listed are not sent in spike, bud or bloom.

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    Paphiopedilum Pinocchio
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