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Ordering Information

General Terms:

All offerings are subject to availability and all prices are subject to change without notice. Each catalog, listing, order form, or other announcement of company policy supersedes all prior or undated announcements of company policy. All orders are filled in the sequence in which payment arrives. We accept checks, money orders, Pay Pal or approved credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER OR AMERICAN EXPRESS). Weather permitting, and unless requested otherwise, we generally ship domestic orchid orders within ten business days or less of receipt of the order.

We sometimes offer orchids or supplies for sale with limited quantities on hand. For that reason, and because we cannot always accurately predict the demand for some items, we may have to limit the quantities of those items available to customers with or without prior notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.



American Orchid Society Promo Codes and Other Coupons

These promotional codes must be applied when placing your order for any discount to apply.  We are no longer able to apply promo codes to web orders after they are submitted.  

We accept AOS Coupons for orders of $100 or more in plants listed at our regular prices. AOS has requested that we collect original coupons before processing orders.  AOS coupons can NOT be combined with other discounts, promo codes or collection prices.

AOS Coupons- Carter and Holmes Orchids honors special coupons given by the American Orchid Society to members renewing their membership for for 2 years.  Please contact us directly with any questions regarding AOS coupons. 

AOS Orchid Marketplace- Carter and Holmes Orchids now offers a 10% discount on regularly priced orchids and houseplants, to current AOS members.  When checking out, use the Promo Code MARKETPLACE and enter your AOS membership LOOKUP number (found below your member number on your card) in the comments box. This must be done before submitting your order. Discounts can not be combined.




Packing, boxing and shipping charges for retail plant orders and for retail supply orders.

Packing & Shipping Charges are determined by the overall size and dimensions of the final package. Our website provides shipping charges based on quantity and size of plants included as well as the final destination.  Larger plants and bulky supply items may count as more than one item for shipping purposes.

If a customer has a preferred shipping method, we will try to accommodate but additional charges may apply to the order.

Orders with a Bill To or Ship To address within South Carolina, must be charged appropriate South Carolina sales tax.

 For more information regarding shipments to customers in Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada and overseas please visit,International and Overseas Shipments”.

For packing, boxing and shipping orchid society orders and wholesale orders, we generally charge 5% of the discounted plant total for packing plus our actual cost of shipping.



For More Information on Unpacking Your Orchid Order: Click Here


Collections, Bench Clearing Specials, Overstock and Other Specially Priced Items:

When we offer collections, bench clearing specials, divisions, overstock specials and other discounted or specially priced items in our catalogs, by email or on our website, the prices are net and no further discounts or promo codes will apply (including AOS coupons, Orchid Society Discounts, Wholesale, etc...). Our normal terms regarding packing & shipping will still apply for these offerings. The only exceptions will be those items that say “Actual Shipping”, “Postpaid” or “Shipping at Cost”.


One of a Kind Offerings

We are occasionally able to offer individual orchids and foliage items on our website.  These One of a Kind Items are always in limited supply, usually only one or two available.  Listed prices are final: no coupons or discounts will apply.

  • Condition of One of a Kinds-- We are very careful to select plants for auction that are healthy, and clean of pests/diseases. However, please understand that while some of these items may be listed with spikes, buds or blooms, you are purchasing plants offered for their uniqueness, to be collected and grown by serious hobbyists or advanced growers. For this reason, please do not expect us to guarantee buds and blooms of these items.  If for some reason spikes are damaged, plants will reflower in the future with the right care.  Some items might need repotting/deflasking upon arrival.

  • More Information- Descriptions are as complete and accurate as possible. We describe the item(s) in as much detail as we can and include helpful photos but if you have questions please contact us before completing your purchase.  We will help to the best of our ability.

  • Shipping/Packing Costs for One of a Kinds- Shipping totals are based on the item purchased and the location it is being shipped to. In order to be as accurate as possible the website does not estimate this for One of a Kind items (which tend to be unusual shapes and sizes).  We will ship the best and safest way possible for the item(s) purchased.  This will mean either FedEx or USPS, depending on location and amount of purchase.  (If we deem an item irreplacable, we usually choose FedEx.)  If you have a preference, please let us know at time of purchase. 


Flask Offerings

  • Pricing- Flasks are listed at Net Prices and no further coupons, promo codes or other discounts apply to this price.


  • Flasks are shipped intact (usually in glass bottles) meaning seedlings are not bare-rooted before packing.

    Be prepared to work on your flask as soon as it arrives since shipping can loosen media and dislodge plants. 


  • Shipping/Packing Costs for Flasks- Shipping totals are based on the item purchased and the location it is being shipped to. In order to be as accurate as possible the website does not estimate this when you submit your order.  We will ship the best and safest way possible for the item(s) purchased.  This will mean either FedEx or USPS, depending on location and amount of purchase.  (If we deem an item irreplacable, we usually choose FedEx.)  If you have a preference, please let us know at time of purchase. 


Supply Orders:

Small supply items are generally enclosed with orchid orders unless doing so might damage the plants or make the order significantly more expensive to ship. Otherwise, supply items are generally packed and shipped separately by ground delivery services. 



Guaranteed Safe Delivery:

We guarantee safe delivery of orchid orders within the contiguous United States if we are allowed to choose the shipping method, if we are allowed to withhold shipment until weather conditions are conducive to safe delivery, and if we are allowed to ship to a business address or to an address where someone will be available to sign a delivery receipt. We pack orchids in bud or in bloom carefully, but we do not guarantee that buds or blooms will not be damaged in shipment for reasons beyond our control.



Damaged Shipments:

We take great care in packing your order. If damage is evident upon receipt of an order, please keep all packaging material and plants and please report the damage to us immediately. We may request that you return the damaged items.

Please read our Refund Policy



Email Update Discounts, Wholesale Discounts, Orchid Society Discounts and AOS Coupons:

We now offer a 10% Email Update Discount, to customers who give the monthly promo code from one of our recent emails when they place orders of any size for plants listed at our regular prices. (Our regular Email Updates include monthly Promo Codes that can be used for ordering plants listed at regular prices. They can also be used by phone, email or at our nursery.)


Monthly Promo Codes, Wholesale Discounts, Orchid Society Discounts and AOS Coupons are not applicable to orders for supplies, collections, or otherwise discounted plants. We do not generally honor more than one discount, promo code or coupon per order. Discounts and coupons do not apply to packing and shipping charges.

Wholesale-  Carter and Holmes Orchids is not currently offering wholesale pricing and quantities for our material. 

We invite orchid societies to schedule group visits to our nursery. We will provide lunch and extend discounts of 10% for supplies and 25% for plants for groups of fifteen or more orchid society members who schedule visits on Saturdays. Societies may request a tour of the facility or one of our Speaking Programs.




Virus Policy:

Carter and Holmes Orchids takes great pride in offering healthy, virus-free plants to add to your collection. We test all mericlone and seedpod parents before they enter our laboratory and take precautions during the growing process to keep our plants virus free. All Carter and Holmes grown plants seen on our website or offered in our emails are guaranteed to be Virus Free for thirty days from date of sale.

Occasionally you will see plants offered and listed as having been sourced from another nursery.  Because we did not raise them in our greenhouses, we can not guarantee them to be virus free as we would our own lab grown material. Otherwise, we guarantee your satisfaction and safe delivery as with other plant purchases.