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C&H Auction Terms

Please read the following before bidding on our online auction items.


Auction items are still subject to the same terms as our other orders.  Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy and International Customers


  • Getting Started- You must be registered and logged into a account before placing bids. (This helps to prevent random spam or fraudulent bids). If you have an account but are not able to access it, please contact us for assistance.  Your account will also keep track of current bid status for you.


  • Placing a Bid- You can place a bid from the item description page. Enter the amount of your bid, and if desired check the box for your bid to remain anonymous to other buyers.  All bids are final and no further discounts will apply to this price.  There are two types of bids in our online store. Normal bids are those placed for the next allowed bidding increment.  Proxy(Automatic) bidding allows you to bid a higher amount and the computer will bid up to that point on your behalf.  In the case of both a Normal and a Proxy bid being the same, the algorithm decides who the winner bidder is.  We can not always be certain who that will be and we apologize in advance for any confusion. 
  • More Information- Descriptions are as complete and accurate as possible. We describe the item(s) in as much detail as we can and include helpful photos but if you have questions please contact us before placing a bid.  We will help to the best of our ability.


  • Auction item prices are final. No further discounts, promo codes or AOS coupons will apply.  Previously purchased C&H Gift Certificates can be used as payment. 


  • Condition of Auction Plants- We are very careful to select plants for auction that are healthy, and clean of pests/diseases. However, please understand that while some of these auctions may be listed with spikes, buds or blooms, you are purchasing plants offered for their uniqueness, to be collected and grown by serious hobbyists or advanced growers. For this reason, please do not expect us to guarantee buds and blooms of these items.  If for some reason spikes are damaged, plants will reflower in the future with the right care.  Some items might need repotting/deflasking upon arrival.


  • Winning Bid- When the auction is complete the winner will receive notification by email with instructions to complete the purchase. We ask that items be paid for within three (3) days of the auction ending.


  • Second Chances- We reserve the right to offer auction items to the next bidder in line if items are not paid for in a timely manner, and/or we are not able to contact you for follow-up shipping information.


  • International Customers- Auction plants are still restricted by the same rules as our other plants. If you are an International or Overseas customer and are interested in a specific auction, please contact us before placing a bid.  If an international or overseas customer places a bid(s) on auction items without confirming this information first, your bid(s) may be voided. *Carter and Holmes will not ship orders to freight forwarders, cargo carriers or re-mailer boxes within the United States unless the appropriate paperwork is included with the plants. NO EXCEPTIONS* 


  • Combining Auctions/Store Items- Multiple auction wins can usually be shipped together. Sometimes we can combine auction items with other plants from our online store.  Purchases may need to be completed separately and then we will combine them for shipping.  You will not be charged shipping twice.  If you are local to our nursery you are welcome to pick-up items there.  Choose pick-up option when completing your purchase.


  • Shipping/Packing Costs- Shipping totals are based on the item purchased and the location it is being shipped to. In order to be as accurate as possible the website does not estimate this for auction items (which tend to be unusual shapes and sizes).  We will ship the best and safest way possible for the item(s) purchased.  This will mean either FedEx or USPS, depending on location and amount of purchase.  (If we deem an item irreplacable, we usually choose FedEx.)  If you have a preference, please let us know at time of purchase.
  • Why Does My Order Say- Shipping to be Determined?

    In some cases special items are listed on our website where shipping containers may be of awkward sizes or the current shipping algorithm can not accurately estimate shipping costs. These items are listed as Shipping to be Determined with a price of $0.01 showing on your order.  You can expect a follow up invoice from us with the actual cost of shipping. This amount is due when we ship your box.