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Collection: Owen's Antiques, Collectibles and More

Owen's Antiques, Collectibles and More

at 629 Mendenhall Road, Newberry, SC

Offering quality antiques, collectibles and more at fair prices to old and new friends who visit my shop in Newberry. 

My father Owen was a collector. He collected antique furniture, books, bottles, coins, crockery, prints, oriental rugs, stamps, etc. You name it, he collected it. He indoctrinated my mother Raye with old salt-and-pepper shakers and figurines of elephants (you'd have to know my mother to understand that last one). He got me interested with comic books and then books in general. Many of my childhood memories involve metal detectors, old abandoned houses, and antique shops in the middle of nowhere on Sunday afternoons.

My parents have both passed away after long, full lives leaving a lifetime of antiques, collectibles, and more. I'm keeping things that are sentimental to me, but I'm ready to share the rest, plus some things that I've picked up along the way. 
                                                                                            ~Mac Holmes


International Shipping on Books and Magazines is available but may be costly due to recent shipping increases.  If there is anything you are interested in please email directly with the item(s) you want and the shipping address.  We will get back to you with shipping costs. 

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