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Collection: C&H Auctions

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  • Blc. Owen Holmes ‘Royal Glitter’ *DIVISION*
    Blc. Owen Holmes ‘Royal Glitter’ *DIVISION*
  • Phragmipedium Jason Fischer ‘Bridget Katherine’ *DIVISION*
    Phragmipedium Jason Fischer ‘Bridget Katherine’ *DIVISION*
  • Blc. Newberry Orange Crush ‘Contrast’ *DIVISION*
    Blc. Newberry Orange Crush ‘Contrast’ *DIVISION*
  • Lc. Newberry Fireworks ‘Mendenhall’ HCC/AOS *SELECT CLONE*
    Lc. Newberry Fireworks ‘Mendenhall’ HCC/AOS *SELECT CLONE*
  • Bulbophyllum purpureorhachis ‘Joe Palermo’ CCM/AOS *DIVISION*
    Bulbophyllum purpureorhachis ‘Joe Palermo’ CCM/AOS *DIVISION*
  • Blc. Eagle Island 'Sangria' AM/AOS *DIVISION*
    Blc. Eagle Island 'Sangria' AM/AOS *DIVISION*
  • Lc. Lou Gilmore ‘Hartford’ *DIVISION*
    Lc. Lou Gilmore ‘Hartford’ *DIVISION*