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Bulbophyllum micholitzii var. album 'Magnifico' x self
Bulbophyllum micholitzii var. album 'Magnifico' x self

Bulbophyllum micholitzii var. album 'Magnifico' x self

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Bulbophyllum micholitzii 'Magnifico' CHM/AOS x self


Our first seedlings of this rare parent plant.  Wide, lime green foliage will ramble freely across mounts, pots or your benches.  The upright stems each carry a hooded bloom, in shades of chartreuse yellow with some darker tan tessellation. Little to no scent, unlike many Bulbophyllums.

Growing Suggestions- This species is native to New Guinea and surrounding islands.  We suggest these seedlings as intermediate to warm growing (68°-85°) with dappled light conditions meaning more shady than not.  We tend to grow our Bulbophyllums on a bench underneath other hanging plants.  Most Bulbophyllums have somewhat fine, and short root systems so overly bright light or dry conditions will desiccate the foliage. Grow in well draining but moisture retentive media.  We have started ours in pots and by the time they outgrow their current containers, they will be ready for shallow baskets or pan pots. 

Established in 2.5" pots. Plants are expected to reach flowering size within 2 years.   This is a new crop potted out this past spring.  They are doing well and should not be disturbed anytime soon.


ITEM NUMBER 10411/25
POT SIZE 2.5" pot
ALLIANCE Bulbophyllum
PLANT TYPE Hybrid (Seedling)
BLOOM COLOR Green/Yellow
EXPECTED FIRST FLOWERING Expected to flower for the first time within 2 years
FRAGRANT? Not Fragrant
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS Shady, medium light
TEMPERATURE REQUIREMENTS Warm Grower- This plant prefers warm temperatures of 65 degrees or above year round.  Which means it prefers warm winters and can tolerate hot summers