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Hi-Nitro 30-10-10 (1.25lb)

Hi-Nitro 30-10-10 (1.25lb)

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Hi-Nitro 30-10-10

This high nitrogen formulation is best used in the spring and early summer months when plants are in growth mode. It is ideal to use in warmer climates and/or when high levels of nitrogen are needed. The high levels of nitrogen allow for extremely fast and healthy plant reaction.
Our growers suggest using this on most orchids and especially Cattleyas and Cymbidiums late winter to mid-spring when plants are ready to start growth phase with longer days and warmer temperatures.  Having applied the fertilizer a bit early allows them to use it as soon as they need it. Discontinue use by late spring and summer as the extra nitrogen can cause overly lush or soft foliage.

We also apply this on a regular basis to our deflasked seedlings, as they are still getting used to be off the lab media.  

Directions for use: 1 tsp per gallon of water.

(1 ¼ lb bag of dry fertilizer)