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Oncidium Tsiku Marguerite  *In Spike*

Oncidium Tsiku Marguerite *In Spike*

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Oncidium Tsiku Marguerite

This miniature will look cute as a button gracing your tabletop or sunny windowsill. Small growing plants produce branched stems of tiny delicately pink blooms that carry a lovely and soft fragrance. Flowers last for weeks under normal conditions. Perfect for beginners and a great choice for under light culture.

Plants prefer intermediate conditions with medium to bright indirect light and 65-85 degree temperatures. Roots are very fine so we suggest that you do not allow media to dry completely out, instead maintaining some moisture at all times.

We have plants available in 2.5” pots currently in tight bud stage.  Blooms expected within 2-3 weeks.

Weather delays may cause late delivery of holiday gifts.

We ship orders with Budded or Ready to Bloom Orchids as weather allows by location (low temperatures must be 32° or above).  If plants have to be held due to extreme temperatures or other concerns, exact bloom stage may vary when plant arrives.


These beautiful plants were provided by our friends at a wholesale orchid nursery in Hawaii. Because we did not raise them in our greenhouses, we can not guarantee them to be virus free as we would our own lab grown material. Otherwise, we guarantee your satisfaction and safe delivery as with other plant purchases.